How Can You Get a Job With a Top Marketing Firm?

Marketing FirmIf you want to get a job with a top marketing firm you must show you are an asset. In a competitive recruiting environment, you will need both a formal education and professional experience before your application will be considered by recruiters. Marketing firms have a need for professionals with a wide range of different skills that are applicable to the field. This is why you need to decide where your strengths are and then market these strengths by building on them in school and highlighting them on your resume. Here is a step by step process on landing a job with a top marketing firm.

Earn a Degree From an Accredited School

If you are a creative, communicative, or analytical person, you have the skills that you need to succeed in a marketing role with a top marketing firm. Once you assess your personal skills and the attributes that you possess, you will be ready to choose a undergraduate degree program so that you can obtain specific marketing qualifications. You can major in communications, advertising or marketing to get the qualifications that you need and to learn both theory and practice. Most of the top firms require candidates to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree before they can apply for any openings.

Get Experience as an Intern While You Are in School

While you are in school, it is important to get hands-on experience with the most reputable firm possible. Several of the top firms in advertising and marketing offer opportunities to interns so that they can choose which soon-to-be graduates have the skills that they are looking for. The marketing department of your school will give you information on the upcoming internships that you can apply for. You need to be sure to market yourself and use your connections to network as a student and a professional.

According to Forbes, not only is interning a great way to see what the marketing world is all about, when you intern you have a 7 out of 10 chance to get hired by the firm that you interned with. This is why it is important to apply for opportunities with the top marketing firms so that your chances of working for that firm are high.

Get Professional Experience Upon Graduation

If you are unable to land an internship with a top firm or you are not offered a paid position, you will need professional marketing experience. You can work with public relations agencies, marketing consultancies or directly with an employer. Be sure to get the experience that firms are looking for while you work in an entry-level role. Once you have steady experience and you can prove you are an asset, you can build your portfolio, update your resume and write cover letters.

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When you are applying to work for a top marketing firm, it is important to research the agency and the approach that they take to marketing. Learn about the company’s mission, strategies that they use, and the clients that they currently deal with so that you show that you are serious about the opportunity. Send your cover letters to agencies that have vacancies, contact professionals within your network, and get a job with a top marketing firm by showcasing your skills while you market yourself.