How Do You Become A Media Planner and Buyer?

Media PlannerAre you interested in learning what it takes to become a media planner and buyer? As the marketing discipline evolves and becomes more and more digitally focused, the need to create new titles to keep up with the evolution is born. The titles digital media planner and digital media buyer are two of the more recent job opportunities that have gained ground in the past few years. Find out more about what planners and buyers do daily, and then you can learn what you must do to become a qualified candidate for each title.

What Do Media Planners and Buyers Do?

Media Planning is a discipline within the broad field of advertising next to branding, creative development and account management. Unlike the other disciplines within the field, media planning is generally done by an outside expert who specializes in finding the most appropriate platforms to advertise products or services to the market. As a planner, you will be responsible for using research data to determine how often and where to place the advertisements. The goal is to reach the appropriate audience by choosing the right medium, the right time and the right ad frequency. This can be a very challenging task, especially when the planner and buyer must find space within budget without letting this affect the success of the campaign.

What Type of Education is Required in the Field?

Unlike many career options that are being created, you do not need special training or an advanced technical degree to become a media planner. If you want to work for an ad agency and not for the few corporations who hire planners in-house, you will need an undergraduate degree to even be considered for an opening. The best degree to pursue is a Bachelor of Science in Advertising, but Marketing degrees could be appropriate as well. With a Bachelor’s, you can get an entry-level position and then work your way up by showing that you are an innovative thinker capable of building strong relationships with your clients.

What Marketable Skills Do You Need to Succeed in Media Planning and Buyer?

Now that you know what type of degree that you need to possess, you need to know what skills that you should market on your resume alongside your education experience. The most marketable skills that you need in media planning include: Media research knowledge, proficiency with Microsoft software, digital and social media advertising skills, communication skills, and the ability to adapt to a changing market. according to Kantar Media. As the market change, you also need to be willing and open to change. If you love to feel complacent, this is not the field for you.

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Does media planning sound like a subset of advertising that you would like to enter? If you want to research the market, select channels, choose advertising times, and select the best message to stay true to the brand, you will feel fulfilled with this title. Make sure that you research each of the advertising programs in your area, compare only accredited options, and then choose a school with electives that are focused in media planning. Once you have a degree, you can being marketing yourself as the advertising specialist that an ad firm needs so that you can become a media planner and buyer.