How Do You Become a Top Marketing Executive?

Marketing ExecutiveIf your goal is to become a top marketing executive as quickly as possible, it is important to get an education and then choose the right career path to get noticed in the field by top players. Marketing executives are responsible for setting budgets, selecting target demographics, choosing marketing channels and the success of brand promotion and product promotion. Because they hold such a great amount of power in an organization, the individual who holds a marketing executive title must be an expert in all things marketing. To become an expert, it will require time and effort. Read on and learn what you need to do to make marketing your expertise and to attract attention from top corporations.

Get a College Degree in a Related Field

One of the first steps to become a top marketing executive is to complete a college degree program. You will need to start by earning a Bachelor’s in Marketing degree or a related field like business, economics or finance. It will take you about four to five years to earn a bachelor’s degree from a traditional school if you are enrolled in school full-time. Once you hold a bachelor’s degree, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and credentials you need to land an entry-level position in marketing as an assistant or a sales professional.

Get Professional Experience in the Field of Marketing

You cannot expect to land a position as an executive in charge of marketing if you have little to no hands-on experience in the field. If you want to gain a reputation and invaluable experience in the field, you will need to work as a marketer or advertiser. There are plenty of different titles that you can hold that will help you build your resume. Some of the titles that will help you learn skills and duties that you will need to know as an executive include: public relations representative, marketing specialist, content marketer, social media marketer, brand specialist, research specialist and salesman. As you gain experience and prove yourself, you can climb up the ladder and take on more responsibility.

Advance By Advancing Your Degree

If you want to work with a Fortune 500 company, you will need a master’s degree to compete with all of the individuals who are applying to be a marketing executive. A master’s degree not only helps you build a solid set of skills, it also helps you show how committed you are to the field of marketing. High-level management professionals in any field can use a graduate degree to benefit them. Be sure to choose a major or specialization that helps you learn about curriculum in marketing.

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Once you have a degree, you land a position, and you get at least five years of experience in the field, you may be a great candidate to work as a marketing exec. You can better your chances of being hired by getting certified by a respected organization like the American Marketing Association, which helps show you meet professional standards in the field. Be sure to scope out all of the opportunities and never forget about the importance of building a network. By having a degree, experience and an expansive network, you can become a top marketing executive in your lifetime.