What is a Marketing Specialist?

Many students often ask, “What is a marketing specialist and how do I become one?” To become a marketing specialist, you must first understand what it takes to perform your duties effectively. This means you must know your key responsibilities, get the right training and acquire essential skills. Here is a detailed roundup of everything you need to do know.

Key Responsibilities of Marketing Specialists

Marketing specialists help companies figure out what is happening in the market. They analyze data on local or national levels to figure out what products are currently in demand, customer buying habits and gaps in the market. They brainstorm and develop ideas to help the company conduct creative and highly effective marketing campaigns. They also assist with inbound and outbound marketing projects in areas such as content development, events planning and advertising. To perform effectively, marketing specialists may liaise with third-parties such as advertising agencies, software developers and event organizers.

Educational Requirements

Anybody who wants to become a marketing specialist must have the right academic credentials. He must have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. Most employers prefer those who major in marketing and sales, marketing research, international marketing, marketing management or consumer merchandising. These degree programs take between three to four years to complete.

Some companies may prefer applicants who have master’s degrees in marketing research or marketing management. Masters programs take two years to complete and include internships or real-life marketing research projects. You can also enroll in online programs, especially if you are already working. Online programs take only 20 months to complete. There are mainly designed for working professions, so you don’t have to worry how you will balance between classes and work.


Certification is not a mandatory requirement for marketing specialists, but it can open more opportunities for career advancement. You can enroll in the American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) program. The PCM program offers training and certification in digital marketing and marketing management.

Job Requirements

Employers want individuals who have deep understanding of marketing elements and research methods. They must demonstrate a lot of experience in marketing data analytics and be able to use computer interfaces, CRM software and web applications. The individuals must also show excellent communication skills and be well organized and detail-oriented.

Work Environment

Marketing specialists report to the upper management and work for many hours. A larger percentage of them work for more than 50 hours in a week. They usually travel a lot to meet with customers and attend industry events. They work in almost in almost every industry. A majority work full-time during regular business hours. Others work as independent contractors.

Marketing Specialist Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing specialists earn an average salary of $62,560 per year. Due to extensive traveling routines, some companies give their employees allowances. The bureau also projects the demand for marketing specialists to grow by 19 percent over the next 10 years. This is considered much faster than the national average rate and presents a lot of opportunities for those who want to become marketing specialists.

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The constant changes in consumer habits and other dynamics has made marketing a top priority for companies. Many companies are currently looking for marketing experts to help them handle the complexities that may arise and ensure they remain relevant in the market. The items discussed above will provide you with helpful insights on what it is to be a marketing specialist.