What is a Strategic Planner in Marketing?

The role of a strategic planner in marketing involves research then analysis of that research. Before a marketing plan can be implemented, trends have to be analyzed using a proven formula for success. The trends that have to be analyzed exist outside the company, so it can take some time and an analytical mind to parse the data received and use it to inform the future of the company’s marketing success.

Market Research

The strategic planner will develop the research in the form of strategies conducted by the marketing team or by examining reports already compiled by an outside source. The research can answer a specific problem, or it can be an open-ended exploratory research venture. Data often comes from surveys conducted by direct mail, online surveys or phone interviews. For market research, the strategic planner might rely on commercial sources for their information, which will give them a base for doing more research.

Competitor Analysis

While a strategic planner is analyzing the competition, the competition is also researching the planner’s company. A competitor analysis can help the strategic planner to anticipate the actions of competitors, which can inform the planner’s strategy. This analysis can be done by keeping in touch with customers, searching social media and checking in with suppliers and vendors that the companies share. One company will compile reports on finances, culture, technology and human resources on the other company. They’ll keep this information current and use it for their own strategies.

Customer Research

This might seem a bit like market research, and the two will overlap. The planner will use surveys and customer questionnaires to find out the satisfaction of the current customers. This can provide valuable information especially if the customer is unhappy with an aspect of the company. The planner can create a marketing campaign that addresses the customers’ concerns.

Implement and Monitor Strategies

Once the planner has performed the research portion of their duties, the company can analyze the data and figure out a marketing plan. With the help of the marketing team, the planner will implement the strategies he or she has chosen during the research phase. They’ll monitor the plan for success or tweak it where necessary. While many planners work within the company to create and implement marketing strategies, others work as consultants who perform the same steps and implement proven marketing plans based on the data provided.

Education for a Strategic Planner in Marketing

There isn’t one specific education track for a student who wants to become a strategic planner in marketing. While the career requires a bachelor’s degree, that degree can be in finance with a minor in marketing. The degree could involve marketing with a focus on statistics and management. Degrees should include courses in management, business finance, marketing, statistics and analytical studies.

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Careers in strategic planning that focus on marketing can result in a promotion from within the company too. To be promoted or hired as a strategic planner, the student will have to have a solid framework in their education as well as some experience in the world of marketing. Marketing is a powerful way to increase the wealth of a company. It’s so powerful that the right campaign can cause children to eat more vegetables, according to CNN.