What Types of Jobs are Available with a Marketing MBA?

MarketingThe types of jobs available with a Marketing MBA degree deal with everything from research to operations to client coordination. Here are four jobs that are open to students who graduate from Marketing MBA programs.

Client Relationship Manager

Client relationship managers handle major accounts and are responsible for overall client satisfaction levels. Their ultimate goals are to simultaneously drive increased revenue and better quality consistency. Client relationship managers must maintain positive ongoing relationships with major accounts through superior customer service and results-driven problem solving. They also provide support and assistance for potential customers through acting as a point person for any and all issues and questions. Client relationship managers collaboratively work with the sales, service and operations departments to ensure that clients always receive excellent service. They conduct face-to-face visits throughout the year and manage the client renewal process, which involves contract negotiations and terminations.

Brand Manager

The primary function of brand managers is to execute marketing strategies to drive product and service sales. They are often assigned temporary marketing initiatives for different business units that involve everything from new product launches to promotion programs to packaging re-designs. Brand managers must manage relationships and communications with staff and customers alike. They also have budget tracking, business analysis and project management duties. Brand managers develop new promotional materials, review existing marketing programs and assist with product education and publication activities. They regularly analyze retail, financial and market share trends. They also research the competition and forecast emerging opportunities.

Strategic Planner

Strategic planners are leaders with strong strategic mindsets and business acumen that enables them to contribute to the development of successful marketing strategies and growth initiatives. They often manage the commercial execution of innovative product and service releases. They provide insight into emerging market changes, industry trends and customer preferences. They provide business executives with valuable input used to plan business objectives and competitor strategies. They develop plans and lead projects that use existing tools to optimize product performances. Strategic planners identify business initiatives and recommend actions designed to improve market positions and financial performances. They often perform statistical and qualitative data analysis so they can produce effective and actionable reports.

Corporate Client Coordinator

These professionals are responsible for providing marketing support to corporations through driving profitable growth and customer loyalty. They independently work with client teams to coordinate satisfactory marketing efforts. After obtaining client-based market research from marketing managers, they identify intuitive trends and work with their teams to develop and execute growth initiatives, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They prepare presentations, gather and share best practices and coordinate activities between teams and departments. They are often called upon to join strategic meetings to provide tactical suggestions that leverage their insight of customer developments and preferences. They assist with tracking goals and progress achieved from marketing campaigns.

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The types of jobs available with a Marketing MBA also include product managers, who work closely with manufacturers, and brand insight managers, who oversee customer surveys and field market research.